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General Liability Insurance

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RVNA Liability Insurance covers any DJ, KJ or VJ operating a single setup or multiple setups and is extended to any employee of the named insured, including other employed DJs, KJs, or VJs operating a setup on behalf of the named insured DJ, KJ or VJ.

General Liability included coverages

Coverages included with RVNA DJ General Liability for DJs, KJs and VJs are:

  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Damage to Premises (subject to a $100,000 limit)
  • Host Liquor Liability
  • Medical Payments (subject to a $5,000 limit)
  • Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability
  • Personal Injury Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Property Damage Liability (per loss deductible)
Certificates of Liability

When you purchase RVNA DJ Liability Insurance, a Certificate of Insurance and an Additional Insured Endorsement will be issued, instantly.

Conveniently customize the Certificate of Liability Insurance with the venue's name and location, online.

Add unlimited Certificates of Liability, online
Manage your policy any time and add unlimited Certificates of Liability, instantly, at no charge.

Underwriter information and sample policy

The RVNA DJ insurance program is exclusively administered nationally by R.V. Nuccio & Associates Insurance Brokers, Inc. and is underwritten by an A+ rated insurance company.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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Who is insured?

eneral Liability is designed specifically for Mobile Entertainers such as a Disc Jockey (DJ), Karaoke Jockey (KJ), or Video Jockey (VJ) or a DJ/KJ/VJ Company whose business services are limited to the playing of recorded music or the setup and tear down of sound and lighting equipment for DJs, KJs, or VJs. This exclusive coverage provides protection to a hired DJ/KJ/VJ against lawsuits or pay damages for bodily injury or property damage. Liability insurance is also available to employees who are hired to provide DJ/KJ/VJ services on behalf of the named insured. To properly insure you and your employees on your next DJ/KJ/VJ gig, simply select General Liability and report and pay for the correct number of employees or setups. For more information about employees, subcontractors, and independent contractors, see the section titled How Do I Report the Correct Number of Setups

What is insured?

RVNA General Liability provides Commercial General Liability insurance protection, for sums which the insured DJ, KJ, or VJ becomes legally obligated to pay as a result of business operations on the insured DJ, KJ, or VJ premises or on the premises of others, such as the venue.

RVNA Liability is available with optional limits and defense costs supplemental to or, in addition to the selected limit. Subject to policy language, Commercial General Liability coverage is provided for the following:

  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Personal Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability (subject to a per loss deductible)
  • Products Liability
  • Host Liquor Liability
  • Non-Owned Auto Liability
  • Fire Legal Liability (subject to a $100,000 limit)
  • Medical Payments (subject to a $5,000 limit)

How do I report the correct number of setups?

A setup is the equipment necessary for a DJ, KJ or VJ to perform at a contracted event.

Ask yourself how many setups, under your company, you have performing at different gigs, on a single night. For example, you employ or subcontract two DJs, in addition to yourself. You have contracted three gigs/jobs for one evening. You will be at one location and your employed/subcontracted DJs will be at two other locations. In this scenario, you would need to report a total of three setups.

If your subcontractors have their own liability insurance, they must add your company as an Additional Insured to their liability policy. Once you are added to their policy as an Additional Insured you do not have to report them as a setup. This can be done online, at no charge, using the RVNA online policy management system.

If you employ other DJs, KJs, or VJs, and supply them with equipment in order to perform at a gig/event, this is considered a setup. It's possible that you may have three employees but only own two setups for employees to use at contracted events. Each setup must be counted and reported in the total number of setups when completing the application.

If you do not report the correct number of setups and a claim arises you may put yourself in a situation where your claim will not be covered. If you report two setups and later it is discovered that you have three setups, the insurance carrier will deny coverage based upon the misreporting of the number of setups.

Think twice about how you report the number of setups.

Think twice about how you report the number of setups.

Is My Photo Booth Covered Under Liability?

DJ Insurance In Minutes offers Liability coverage for DJs / KJs / VJs whose business operations are in conjunction with photo booth services. If your photo booth operations are independent of your DJ services, please visit to purchase a policy to properly insure your photo booth.

What about independent contractors and subcontractors?

If you occasionally contract with another DJ, KJ, or VJ company (Independent Contractor or subcontractor) to perform at a venue on your behalf under your company banner and there is a liability claim, you will be sued along with the Independent Contractor DJ, KJ, or VJ company you contracted, as they are operating on your behalf or under your company banner. Unless you have reported and paid for the correct number of setups under the liability portion of the policy, the liability insurance will not apply.

Also, if you are subcontracting a job to another DJ, KJ, or VJ company to perform at a venue under your company banner, it is imperative that you obtain a Certificate Of Liability from the subcontracted DJ, KJ, or VJ company as proof of at least $1,000,000 of liability insurance. This Certificate Of Insurance should also name you and your DJ, KJ, or VJ company as an ‘Additional Insured’. If you and your DJ, KJ, or VJ company are properly named as an Additional Insured on the subcontracted DJ, KJ, or VJ liability insurance policy, in the event of a loss, you will have some protection from the subcontracted DJ, KJ, or VJ company liability insurance policy. If the subcontracted DJ, KJ, or VJ company is unwilling to name you on their $1,000,000 liability insurance policy as an Additional Insured, or if they do not have liability insurance at all, you would be extremely wise and prudent to find another DJ, KJ, or VJ company to perform on your behalf.

What is the coverage territory?

RVNA Liability insurance coverage is applicable anywhere within the United States and Canada. Applicants must have an address in the United States.

Contact R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc. for specific territory interpretations.

How long is the coverage for?

The policy period for the RVNA Liability Insurance coverage is one calendar year. You can easily renew annually using our online system.

What is NOT covered?

This RVNA Liability insurance program has specific exclusions usual to this form of general liability insurance. It must be understood that this is only a summary; it is not all inclusive, nor does it alter or waive any of the actual policy language. Questions regarding these exclusions, or this summary, should be directed to R.V. Nuccio & Associates Insurance Brokers, Inc. at 1.800.364.2433. There is NO coverage, or coverage is excluded for:

  1. Owned Automobile Liability
  2. Owned Watercraft Liability
  3. Owned/Non-Owned Aircraft Liability
  4. Professional Liability
  5. Property Damage Liability to any real or personal property which is in the care, custody or control of the insured DJ/KJ/VJ
  6. Any and all sums that would be recoverable under a Workers Compensation insurance policy whether or not such policy exists
  7. Any activities other than the playing of recorded music or the necessary set up and tear down of sound and lighting equipment. Coverage is not provided for any other activities such as, but not limited to, Velcro Man, Bungee Run, or other similar type mechanical entertainment devices or activities.
  8. Any event considered to be a Rave or a Rave-like event.
  9. Any event unless there exists a written contract between the insured DJ/KJ/VJ and the person or entity responsible for the promoting, organizing, managing or otherwise controlling the event.

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The information provided is only a summary of the coverage. It is not all inclusive, nor does it alter or waive any of the actual policy language. Please refer to your policy for specific coverage language.