dj insurance
dj insurance

Professional DJ/KJ/VJ Insurance

General Liability- $175 min. annual policy

Property/Equipment - $79 min. annual policy

Employee Crime - $78 min. annual policy

Certificates of Insurance - free, unlimited

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General Liability
Starts at $175 annually

  • Quote, Pay & Print online, instantly
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance with optional limits of $1,000,000/$2,000,000 or $2,000,000/$2,000,000 per occurrence / annual aggregate
  • Free, unlimited Certificates of Liability issued instantly, online
  • Coverage includes business and home offices
  • A+ rated insurance carrier

As a DJ, KJ or VJ you may have a single setup or multiple setups with employees. RVNA DJ Liability Insurance covers any DJ, KJ or VJ operating a single setup or multiple setups. RVNA DJ Liability coverage is extended to any employee of the named insured, including other employed DJs, KJs or VJs operating a setup on behalf of the insured DJ, KJ or VJ.

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Property/Equipment Starts at $79 annually

  • Quote, Pay & Print online, instantly
  • Replacement cost basis (new for old) insurance protection
  • A+ rated insurance carriers

Available to any DJ, KJ or VJ who owns office or business equipment. RVNA Property/Equipment provides insurance coverage for any office or DJ, KJ or VJ equipment, CDs, KDs, MP3s and vinyls against all risks of direct physical damage from any external cause.*

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*up to the specified value, exclusions apply

dj insurance

Employee Crime
Starts at $78 annually

  • Quote, Pay & Print online, instantly
  • Protects you from employee dishonesty, forgery or alteration and theft, disappearance, and destruction
  • A+ rated insurance carrier

RVNA Employee Crime includes three things excluded by Property/Equipment Insurance: (1) Employee Dishonesty, (2) Forgery or alteration and (3) Theft, Disappearance and Destruction. Because dishonest acts of employees (such as theft of all of the business equipment by an employee) are excluded from the property policy, Employee Crime was created to fill a coverage gap to provide other needed crime coverage. Employee Crime also provides protection for the loss of money and securities due to theft.

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