DJ Equipment Stolen

DJ Stripped Bare at Pole Dance Competition

November 2017

When Pete Jensen first added pole dancing to his list of DJ services, he had low expectations. But when the trend took off and pole dancing became a major party event, he was thrilled. He loved the acrobatic energy and strong, daring dance moves. In his mind, it didn’t get much better than raising the heartbeats of beautiful women when they were twisting, turning and sliding down a giant pole.
Pete worked hard to build his reputation, mixing music for private pole dance parties, studios and nightclubs on a regular basis. He offered the complete package of DJ entertainment, including audio, video, lighting and sound. Within a short time, the pole dance craze and his winning package catapulted his business into a new tax bracket. But it wasn’t until he was asked to emcee a regional pole dancing competition that he felt his dedication had really paid off.
The competition was a big deal. He knew his high-quality equipment was one big reason why he was picked for the event, so he was ready to impress. And he did. The competition went off without a technical hitch and his performance was legendary!
Equipment stolen
After the competition, Pete rounded up the $50,000 worth of DJ equipment he had carefully set up. It took him several trips to load the van and after each load, he locked the vehicle and set the alarm – just to be safe. Before his final trip out, he stopped to chat with his client (the event organizer) and spent some time reminiscing about the evening’s high points.

When Pete finally returned to the parking lot, he realized something was amiss. His van was not there. It didn’t take him long to realize the van had been stolen, along with all his music and equipment!

A bad situation becomes worse
Pete was furious. He immediately called the police and a friend to come pick him up. After Pete gave a statement to the police, his friend drove him home. That’s when things went from bad to worse. The thieves who stole the van found Pete’s home address on the registration form inside the glove box. Knowing he wasn’t at home, they drove to his house, kicked in the front door and continued their crime spree. In addition to ransacking his personal belongings, they took the rest of his sound, lighting and video equipment, along with his entire music investment, including thousands of CDs, KDs, DVDs, LPs and even a collection of vintage vinyl records. In less than an hour, his business had been stripped of $228,000 worth of equipment and media.

When Pete called his insurance agent the next day, the news wasn’t good. Although Pete felt he did everything right, he overlooked the most critical step in maintaining a business. The expensive lesson? No business insurance.

He’d been meaning to get a separate insurance quote for his DJ business but never got around to calling his agent. In the back of his mind, he always felt partially protected by his personal insurance. Unfortunately, his personal policies did not provide coverage for his business personal property, including his DJ equipment and media.

Make the right move to industry-tailored protection
Pete learned firsthand that personal insurance seldom provides coverage for your business. He should have protected his DJ equipment with the DJ/KJ/VJ insurance program exclusively available through R.V. Nuccio and Associates.

A smart solution
The DJ/KJ/VJ program provides everything Pete needs – General Liability, Property/Equipment, Employee Crime insurance – in one convenient place. Most importantly, it is designed to protect the unique exposures of his business. Endorsed by the American Disc Jockey Association, R.V. Nuccio and Associates is the only online nationwide insurance source for DJs, offering the most customized protection at the most competitive rates.

Underwritten by Fireman’s Fund, one of the largest, most respected carriers in the country, the DJ/KJ/VJ policy provides “A” rated commercial property, crime and general liability insurance protection.

Note: This case study is based on real claims scenarios. However, the story has been fictionalized to protect the privacy of those involved.

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