DJs Can Now Generate Free, No-Hassle Contract Agreements

DJs Can Now Generate Free, No-Hassle Contract Agreements

Imagine this: You’ve spoken with a client, they want to hire you, but uh-oh — they ask for a contract and you don’t have one for them sign!

The last thing you want is a situation where something goes wrong at a gig and a contract was never put into place. Unfortunately, contracts are usually anything but simple.

Writing a contract can get complicated and you want to make sure that what is being signed will benefit both you and your client.

So how do you make sure this happens? Enter the Shake app.

With Shake’s new DJ Contract template, the process of generating and signing a contract for your next DJ gig has been simplified.

According to the Shake website, the goal of the app is to make the law more accessible and affordable for small businesses by allowing them to create, send, and sign legal
agreements through their mobile devices for free.


With the DJ Contract template included on the app, it’s now possible to create a legally-binding agreement at the drop of a hat. Some of the key terms included in the template
include location and timing of the event booked, payment with the deposit amount, what equipment is expected to be provided, hirer obligations, in addition to clauses for delays and interruptions, cancellation, and Liability and Indemnification.


In conjunction with the DJ Contract template, the Shake app also has a Musicians Live
Performance Agreement and Recording Session Agreement. Other templates included are Freelance / Hire, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Buy/Sell, and Rent/Lend.

The Shake app is currently available for iPhone and Android devices and the templates can be added within the app itself or online here.

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