How One DJ Extinguished a Two-Peril Problem

How One DJ Extinguished a Two-Peril Problem

June 2018

As a high school dance disc jockey, Brian Carter understood teenagers were hard to please. He embraced the challenge and spent countless hours researching the hottest trends in music, fashion, and entertainment. As a result, he became the go-to DJ in his area, helping hundreds of schools create memorable and unique homecomings, proms, and other special celebrations.

High-tech equipment and strong stage presence were important aspects of his success, but it was his eclectic music selection that set him apart. He owned an extensive musical library, and always played a tight mixture of high-energy songs and heart-wrenching ballads that kept the dance floor packed.

A Double Burn
One evening, after working a Saturday night prom, Brian made several trips to his van to load equipment. After each trip, he made sure to lock the door and set the alarm. On the last trip, he immediately noticed something was amiss. Someone had broken his passenger window, unlocked the door, and stole his laptop containing his entire music library from the passenger seat of his van! Brian’s stomach lurched as he wondered how he’d ever be ready to perform at the gig he’d scheduled for the next evening. However, while that setback definitely burned, it was mild compared to what he was about to experience.

Nerves frazzled, Brian cleaned up the glass, taped up the broken window edges, and began the commute home. It was a stormy, treacherous night. Although there was no snow, Brian knew the road might be icy in some places. Sure enough, when he was just halfway home, his van hit a slick spot and spun out of control. After two full rotations, the van went off the shoulder of the road, hit a ditch, and rolled. Shaken, but not injured, Brian unbuckled his seatbelt and exited the van just as it burst into flames, with two setups inside. With no music, no equipment, and no van, it seemed that Brian’s livelihood was in jeopardy.

When the Smoke Cleared
When the final numbers came in, the damages totaled $63,000. Brian’s personal auto policy replaced his van, but not the business equipment inside or the laptop stolen earlier in the evening. Brian assumed his personal insurance would cover the laptop and equipment loss, but his agent soon informed him otherwise. His homeowners policy didn’t provide coverage because the equipment was for his business.

Fortunately, Brian had backed up his laptop so he could easily restore his music library. In addition, he had secured DJ insurance earlier that year. Brian’s DJ policy provided $3,000 in theft coverage for his laptop, and $60,000 in property coverage for the equipment that caught fire inside the van. Sure, the loss burned, but when the smoke cleared, Brian was immensely thankful that his DJ-tailored insurance was there when he needed it most.

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Note: This case study is based on real claims scenarios. However, the story has been fictionalized to protect the privacy of those involved.

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