How You Can Become A Google Trusted Photographer

How You Can Become A Google Trusted Photographer

There are few companies as recognizable as Google. If you’ve used a computer or mobile device in the last decade, you’ve probably played around with Google Maps or Google Earth at some point or another to look up directions, or to look at places around the world you’ve been or want to go.

From the comfort of your own home, you can see exactly where you’d like to go, see
landmarks to guide your travels, and look around the area with trusty Google street view. Google’s photo products make familiar the unfamiliar and while most of the world has been photographed for their street view, Google is now not only helping users find any building, they want to help users see inside the buildings – Enter Google Trusted
Photographers (GTPs).

There are many different reasons why someone may want to have a look inside a location from their computer, and in turn, probably just as many reasons a location would want to be photographed and placed in Google Maps. Imagine future brides being able to scout
reception venues to narrow options without having to travel to each one or looking into a hotel before you go to stay there…the list could go on forever.



But where would Google get the photographs for such technology? A company like them cannot rely on amateur shots so they start with finding the right photographers to hire. Google refers to these hired photographers as ‘Google Trusted Photographers’ (GTPs) and any photographer can apply!





While certain criteria must be met to qualify, just about any semi-pro can be selected.



Google suggests at least 30 hours a week of availability, as well as person to person and/or door to door sales experience and skill sets as added valuable assets. The goal of the GTP is to be reachable and to network and connect with local businesses to inform them on the benefits of having their business profiled for Google Maps Business.

If you apply and are accepted as GTP, you will be searchable and featured on Google, and business owners will be able to contact you directly. There will also be some initial training provided where you will be instructed on the specific needs of Google and how to use the software that builds the virtual tours. Following this training, you would officially be Google certified.

If you have available time, and would like to secure new clients for your business, as well as be promoted by Google online, this would be a fantastic opportunity!

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