Trending: DJs Using Cameras To Improve Security of DJ Equipment

DJs Using Cameras To Improve Security of DJ Equipment

Earlier this month, members of the DJ Insurance in Minutes team traveled to Las Vegas for the Las Vegas DJ Show and were overwhelmed by the latest trend among DJs: mobile device
security cameras.

In a recent article from The Spectrum, it was highlighted that modern low-cost security cameras have features like remote monitoring, two-way audio and night vision, that would have been incredibly expensive just a few years ago.

Zmodo Security System

A number of excellent apps for smart phones like IP Cam Viewer and Live Cams Pro are compatible with these new, affordable indoor/outdoor cameras and they are able to not only allow remote monitoring from a smartphone or tablet, they can also tap into the
cameras’ other features like pan and zoom. Amazon has a wide selection of security
cameras with many under $300!

It was apparent at The Las Vegas DJ Show that many DJs were taking advantage of these security cameras to keep an eye on their equipment while in Sin City.

For DJs with many pieces of expensive equipment, the mere presence of video surveillance cameras can help prevent everything from a home invasion to business vandalism. It can provide evidence if a crime does actually happen and can be extremely helpful in the
conviction of the individuals who commit the crimes.

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