5 Tips To Help Mobile DJs Succeed

5 Tips To Help Mobile DJs Succeed

Fact: DJs are some of the busiest people around!

Each day is different for Disc Jockeys, whether days be filled with client meetings, networking, event preparation, or
business decisions, there are always things to get done when you own a DJ business. With so much going on, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and wonder how the most
productive DJs juggle it all. In talking with some successful mobile disc jockeys, you are sure to notice that they have several habits in common that have helped to set them all up for success. Today, we want to let you in on the (not so) secret habits of the successful and productive DJs.

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Below are five things that successful DJs do every day:

1) Establish a routine (and stick to it!)

If a mobile disc jockey doesn’t set a schedule and then stick to it, how can he/she expect to accomplish things in a timely manner? Balancing work and personal endeavors can be challenging for any person and without a routine, it is even less likely work will get done.

No two DJs are likely to have the same routine as every person has different
responsibilities in their personal lives so it is important to set up a routine that fits with your habits. Are you an early riser? Start your routine early. More productive at night? Setup a routine that fits well with being a night owl.

2) Exercise

The importance of exercise has been reiterated time and time again so we will not bore you with statistics of why it is important. We will however say that most successful
individuals make exercise a priority.

Feel like you’re not the gym type? No problem! Even if you don’t lift weights or go for a run, take the time for low impact activities such as swimming or walking. Activities that relieve stress and clear your mind are beneficial to keeping you in the best mental state to tackle your next big project.

3) Set Goals And Check Your Progress Towards Them

As a DJ, we know you’re busy! It can be easy to concentrate on the right now rather than the big picture and the goals set for yourself and your DJ company. Take a few minutes each day to establish and evaluate goals for your business and look at the progress that has been made. By doing so, you can prioritize how time can be used to further reaching your set goal.

4) Take Time For Family and Friends

Successful people manage and prioritize spending time with their friends and family so you, the uber-busy DJ, should prioritize spending time with yours too. The time spent with those who are most important to you not only helps to clear your head, it also reminds you who you are working to succeed for. As the saying goes, take time to smell the roses and cherish every moment.

5) Plan Ahead

We cannot stress enough how important it is to be prepared for what the next day holds. Whether you have a gig or are working on other projects the following day, making a list of priorities the night before can help you start and stay focused on the tasks of the following day. In addition to making a list and prioritizing items, having a backup plan for worst-case scenarios is key. Need specific cords for your gig? Bring some extras. Have all your music on your laptop? Back it up on an external hard drive and protect your equipment with
insurance! Covering all your bases to make sure your gig goes smoothly is something all
successful mobile disc jockeys can agree on.

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